Puppy Tries Really Hard To Share His Toy With The Dog In The Mirror

Meet Ozzie, the little pup with the biggest heart

What he lacks in size, he more than makes up for it with heart, and there’s a video below to prove it.

Ozzie was three months old at the time of the video, and his human, Emma Green, had been with him for around a month.

In that short amount of time, she already learned a lot about how loving and sweet he can be.

Speaking to The Dodo, Green says that “He is the absolute sweetest!” and “He loves everyone and every dog he meets!”

One day, he was walking around with his favorite toy panda in his mouth when he entered a mirrored room, he then noticed a pup looking just like him in the mirror.

So, being the kind, loving pup he is, Ozzie tried to share his favorite toy with the pup in the mirror, leading to the most adorable standoff ever.

“Ozzie tried to bring the “other dog” his toy to share cause he is a good boy but he already had one…the same one…ozzie says he is a copy dog”

Finally, here’s the moment on video:

“I think that everyone should have a dog, or at least have a dog in their lives, because they honestly make life so much better,” said Green.

“Even when they don’t try, they are the best thing around since sliced bread.”

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Written by Joe Kahlo