About Us

Growing up with David Attenborough’s work we completely fell in love with animals. This inspired us to create Kingdoms TV. Founded in 2018 at Kingdoms we have one mission: We want to build a modern connection between the human and animal worlds.

More people than ever are living in cities. And are disconnected from the natural world. Kingdoms is seeking to bridge that gap. We want to show the world how big, beautiful and wonderful the animals are. 

We will try to do this by keeping all our content free, on any platform we use. We want to tell the stories one at a time.  We want to continue the Attenborough tradition of powerful storytelling to new platforms. 

We work with hundreds of partners around the world to bring you groundbreaking stories, photography and videography. We want to bring these beautiful animals to life, as if they are right there with you.

Supporting efforts around the world

We support all efforts to promote conservation efforts, and any effort to bring the human and animal worlds together. If you work in any of these places and want to help us promote you work please do contact us. The work you do is incredible. 

We worked with many organisations by hosting lives, featuring their videos and writing up articles about them.

Share your stories

Get featured on Kingdoms TV. We would love if you can submit your photos and videos to us here. Please take the time to explain to us what is happening.

We Support Diversity

At Kingdoms we our mission is to inspire, support and elevate diversity and inclusion in all parts of our work. This goes hand in hand with our mission to being you the best stories.

Contact Us

To reach us, please email info {@} Kingdomstv.com with your enquiry.