Dog Knocks On Her Best Friend’s Door Every Day To See If She Can Come Out And Play

Shadow the dog and her family were leaving to go on a walk one day when a random dog ran straight into their apartment

Turns out it was a neighbors dog named Lupa who lives down the hall who was so excited to see Shadow.

She couldn’t wait for him to leave and invited herself into the apartment, it looks like Shadow is reciprocating the love!

The pair instantly became best friends.

Check out how excited Shadow is to knock on Luna’s door here:

Shadow and Luna now have playdates almost every day, and the dogs will often knock on each other’s doors when it’s time to play.

The dogs go absolutely crazy every single time they see each other, and they bolt down the hallway towards the other’s door, knock, and patiently wait for the door to open, although Lupa sometimes opens the door on her own.

The moment they see each other, they both go crazy, jumping around in a fit of excitement and joy, and everyone loves to see it.

“Our security is obsessed with their friendship, as well as our vet,” says Shadows mom, Olivia Schwab to The Dodo.

“Our neighbors are completely OK with this (we live on a dog-friendly floor) and have had another dog join in on the fun.”

The pair’s close relationship has meant that their families are now also friends, they often take the excitable pups on walks together.

They also like to have regular play dates, this can range from long walks or just hanging out at one of their homes, taking between a few minutes to a few hours.

But no matter how much time they spend with each other, it is never enough for them, and they make that very clear.

Every time they see each other, it’s like they haven’t met for years, but it’s usually a day or so, and the whole building knows this.

“They both bolt for the other door when we go to take them on a walk,” Schwab said.

Written by Joe Kahlo

After years of writing in the financial industry, Joe was finally able to focus his writing on what he loves, Animals!