Rescue Dog Gets A New Life After Receiving Prosthetic Legs for All Four Paws

Meet Monika, a Russian rescue dog who is now loving life after being able to walk on her new titanium prosthetic legs

Russian rescue dog Monika is walking on her new titanium prosthetic legs and loving life just months after doctors recommended putting her to sleep

Sergei Gorshkov, from Novosibirsk in Russia, is the hero who performed the life-changing surgery on Monika.

He has performed a total of 37 operations that have involved prosthetic limbs on animals since 2015.

Monika has made a fast recovery from the successful operation and can now live a full life full of walking, playing, and lots of love.

“I don’t think we were optimistic about that,” said Gorshkov to CNN. “But on the third day, she started standing up and walking around the clinic, going from room to room.”

Monika was found alone, with four injured paws by some workers, they were unsure how she ended up like this but it is thought that she was abused and abandoned.

She was eventually brought to Krasnodar in Russia where all four of her limbs were amputated.

Monika was then taken to a shelter where volunteers like Marina Gapich and Alla Leonkina struggled to care for her.

Many suggested that it may be best for her to be put down, but the volunteers wouldn’t accept it and believed there was another way.

They were right! They raised $5,400 for an operation and got in touch with Gorshkov to perform the operation that saved her from being put down.

“I’m happy to give a new life to the animals. People find some consolation in animals, and so by treating animals, I treat people,” said Gorshkov.

Monika will also be working through her previous trauma with an animal behaviorist to prepare her for a full life with a loving family.

Written by Joe Kahlo

After years of writing in the financial industry, Joe was finally able to focus his writing on what he loves, Animals!