Brave Dog Chases Away Mountain Lion To Protect His Family

What a brave – and lucky – pup!

Dogs are such loyal creatures and we often hear about how they bravely defend their owners, even if it puts their own life at risk.

Like this brave pooch, Rocky, who chased down a mountain lion that was a threat to his family.

Mary Padres, from La Verne, California, screamed after she was confronted by a large, wild mountain lion in her own garden.

“The mountain lion was looking right at me,” Mary told CBS Los Angeles. “It was huge.” 

Both of Mary’s dogs went into protector mode and defended the family. The pair of dogs barked at the mountain lion in an attempt to scare it off.

In a burst of bravery, Rocky, who is a seven-year-old Pit Bull mix, began to bark and chase the lion off their propery.

Rocky fearlessly chased down the much larger and fiercer animal, who was chasing him up a hill.

Mary’s family headed outside to save Rocky, even though to lion was close by.

Eventually, they found Rocky badly injured up the hillside behind their home.

Padres reported to KTLA that he had a head wound so deep that you could see down to the bone.

Rocky’s head injury resulted in 30 stitches, while the rest of his bodily injuries proved less severe. Given that he went toe-to-toe with a predator that excels in night-hunting, he is very lucky.

“Rocky was … protecting us,” Padres said, no doubt proud of her pup. “[He’s] absolutely a fighter. He owns up to his name for sure.”

Watch the ordeal captured by the family’s security camera:

We don’t deserve dogs!

Written by Alice Joan