Abandoned Rabbit Won’t Stop Clinging To Teddy Bear After Being Rescued

One day, a good Samaritan noticed a box on the side of the road in London. They were alarmed to see something moving around inside the box.

After going in to take a closer look, he discovered an adorable abandoned rabbit hopping around in the box, clinging onto a teddy bear.

Shocked to see this sweet little rabbit all alone, abandoned in the cold, the Samaritan contacted the RSPCA to take care of the situation.

They sent out one of their animal collection officers, Lisa Miller, who came to collect the abandoned rabbit, who was later on named Nigel.

“He looked so sweet hopping around carrying his little teddy bear,” says Lisa. “He’s clearly quite attached to the bear, so he must have been living in a home before this.” 

Nigel was taken to the vet for a check-up and, despite being out alone in the cold, he was in good health, which begs the question, why was he abandoned?

“No pet should be left out in the cold and vulnerable like this,” Miller said. “Nigel was very lucky that he was found when he was.”

After the trip to the vet, Nigel was taken to an animal boarding facility in Kent where he will stay until he finds a forever home with a family.

Understandably, Nigel was quite anxious and frightened after being rescued, but thanks to his teddy, he managed to remain calm and adapt quickly to his new home.

He uses his teddy as a security blanket, he feels a little more at ease whenever he’s near it.

Nigel’s rescuers are glad Nigel has got something as special as his teddy bear especially after everything he has been through.

It’s really heartwarming that he has something that can comfort him, and make him feel at home.

Written by Joe Kahlo

After years of writing in the financial industry, Joe was finally able to focus his writing on what he loves, Animals!