Emotional Moment Two Gorilla Brothers Reunited After Three Years Apart

This is the incredibly emotional moment when two gorilla brothers are reunited after being apart for nearly three years.

YouTube/ABC News

The pair were reunited at the Longleat Safari Park in the UK, which is part of an international breeding program focused on conservation.

YouTube/ABC News

Initially, the staff believed the siblings wouldn’t recognize each other, but as soon as they met, there were lots of hugs, handshakes, and laughter.

Thankfully, this touching moment was captured on camera for everyone to enjoy!

“We weren’t entirely sure that the brothers would even know each other, but the moment they met you could just see the recognition in their eyes,” the pairs keeper, Mark Tye.

YouTube/ABC News

“They were very animated and there was a lot of rough and tumble on the floor.”

“It is quite unusual to see that sort of childlike behavior in a silverback.”

YouTube/ABC News

“It is great for Alf to have an older brother to look up to and learn from and Kesho seems to enjoy being the center of attention. It was very satisfying to see.”

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Written by Alice Joan