Farmer Rescues ‘Stray Kitten’ From The Street, Turns Out It Was Actually A Cougar Cub

This is the incredible moment a farmer decided to rescue a stray kitten home, only to discover that all was not as it seemed.

Elber is a Colombian farmer who was riding his motorcycle home from work when he came upon the small cat. 

The small animal had been abandoned, was filthy, and was most likely hungry.

Elber decided to bring the cat home and bathe him. At first, everything appeared to be in order. 

The feline was most likely thankful for the food, drink, and attention. However, this feline soon began to act strangely.

Elber soon sensed something wasn’t quite right. He wasn’t like the other kitties when it came to playing. 

“I began to look at him carefully and . . . he had a long tail, and round ears. Furthermore, their behavior, as well as aspects of food did not resemble that of cats.” 

He began researching his newest home pet, as well as numerous sorts of cats, on the internet. 

The farmer then thought that it would be better if he went to see an animal specialist.

Upon examination, the veterinarian at the local veterinary clinic discovered that the kitten was in reality a cub of a cougar! 

Here’s the full video story:

They gave the cougar another examination there, and then he was taken to a rescue institution that is suited to handle cougars.

Cougars grow up to 200 pounds and hunt prey such as deer, sloths, and lizards!

While the cougar cub was adorable and little now, when he grew up to be full size, things would be drastically different. 

He’ll now be cared for in the facility until he’s old enough to survive on his own, at which point he’ll be released into the wild.

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Written by Joe Kahlo

After years of writing in the financial industry, Joe was finally able to focus his writing on what he loves, Animals!