Lioness Tries To Get Males Attention By Sitting On Him – He Just Ignores Her

An affectionate lioness tries her best to get a male lions attention but has no luck.

This was all captured in a hilarious video where you can see the lioness trying everything in the book to catch the males eye.

She throws herself all over the ground in front of him and even tries sitting on him, nothing seems to be working.


See the hilarious video here:

She struts around him before falling to the floor right in front of his face.

This wasn’t working, so she decided to climb on top of the majestic male to get him to give in.


She strutted around him before flopping to the floor right in front of his whiskers+5

He was completely unfazed by this and continues staring aimlessly into the distance as if he was staring at the tv.

The needy lioness began to roll around in the grass around the male while he attempts to take a nap, sort of like a child having a temper tantrum.

Personal space was no concern of the persistent lioness as she sat on top of the male and twitched her tail 

Eventually, to the joy of the lioness, the male seems to move a little, but certainly not enough to satisfy the lioness.


The persistence and absolute disregard of personal space from the lioness, in the end, deemed unsuccessful and the male lion called it quits and walked away.

Still having no luck the lioness took a more physical approach and started to shimmy her way across the grass towards her target - who gazed into the distance

He even chose to step directly over the poor lioness when finding a new spot to rest, with one of his large paws knocking on her hip.

For a second, it looked like the persistant lioness tries to follow him, but she eventually got the message and let him walk off.

Eventually the lion called it quits and walked away from the the lioness' unsuccessful advances

Thousands of netizens seemed to empathise with the lioness, with one saying, ‘It’s me when i need some attention from my husband.’


Who else can relate?

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Joe Kahlo

Written by Joe Kahlo

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