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Chihuahua That Can’t Walk Becomes Best Friends With Pigeon That Can’t Fly

Meet Herman the pigeon and Lundy the chihuahua, in what is probably the most adorable unlikely friendship we have ever seen.

Lundy is a two-month-old chihuahua puppy who can’t walk, and Herman is a pigeon that can’t fly.

Image Credits: The Mia Foundation

The adorable duo met through the Mia Foundation which is an animal rescue organization in New York.

They specialize in the rehabilitation of animals with birth defects and physical deformities and regularly perform lifesaving work.

Image Credits: The Mia Foundation

Herman was found in the car park of a car dealership, sat there for three days unable to move. He was on the brink of death when he was found.

Local rescuers believed that Herman could not be rehabilitated and recommended putting him down. Luckily for him, Sue Rogers, the founder of the Mia Foundation came to the rescue.

Image Credits: The Mia Foundation

She took matters into her own hands and took him to the rescue center.

Lundy is a chihuahua puppy who was sent to the center as his hind legs didn’t work, the condition is called swimmers syndrome.

Image Credits: The Mia Foundation

Herman spends most of his time resting in his very own baby crib although he does get taken outside regularly to keep him stimulated.

One day, Sue decided to put the two of them together, and she saw that the pair instantly bonded and began snuggling with each other.

Image Credits: The Mia Foundation

In an interview with WHEC TV, she said;

Thursday night I took Herman out of his playpen to give him some time out and I put him in a dog bed. Then I had to tend to Lundy so I put Lundy in with him. They just looked really cute together so I took some pictures and posted them to Facebook and the next morning it was crazy.

Image Credits: The Mia Foundation

Their new friendship went viral instantly, and it helped the foundation a lot with donations.

Image Credits: The Mia Foundation

Now they are both living the life together, despite being unable to travel without any assistance.

It really is a beautiful friendship.

To find out how you can help the Mia Foundation, click here

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Written by Joe Kahlo

After years of writing in the financial industry, Joe was finally able to focus his writing on what he loves, Animals!