Rare Sighting Of a White Moose in Sweden Roger Brendhagen (Gallery)

This was the moment a stunning white moose was spotted roaming around in the forests of Sweden just off the Norway border.

Wildlife photographer Roger Brendhagen was lucky enough to catch this beautiful unique creature on camera in its stunning natural surroundings.

The talented Swedish photographer is certainly familiar with encountering such rare wild creatures.

He has been documenting beautiful endangered species throughout his career in habitats all around the world.

His incredible images of the white moose in the region of Värmland offer insight into a majestic forest world.

This majestic creature can easily be mistaken for an albino moose. But it is in fact not, it has a genetic condition called piebaldism.

This isn’t the first sighting of this type of rare moose. In recent years they have been spotted in both Swedish and Canadian forests. An increase in their population has even been speculated by researchers in Scandanavia due to few predators.

In Canada, it is outright illegal to hunt them.

Arctic foxes are a particular interest for Roger Brendhagen. These foxes are currently under great pressure in Sweden and Norway.

He hopes to raise awareness to conservation efforts of these unique creatures and wildlife alike, particularly in Scandanavia.

He aims to draw attention to the dangers of pollution, especially of trash in our oceans which in turn will endanger birds and other wildlife.

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Written by Joe Kahlo

After years of writing in the financial industry, Joe was finally able to focus his writing on what he loves, Animals!