Potato, The Earless Cat Finally Finds A Forever Home And A Best Friend (17 Pics)

Meet Potato, the adorably handsome, stray earless cat who was rescued after many years of living on the streets.

Potato was in terrible condition when he was found, he was suffering from a rare tumour in his ear canals and ear flaps.

3. Potato is now living his best life with his forever family

Unfortunately, the best way to keep the tumour from recurring was to remove the ear canals and flaps completely.

2. Such a cute kitty

Thankfully, Potato recovered quite well but was left completely earless.

1. Potato's new best friend Horlick

Regardless of this, he still managed to find a forever home, and a new best friend, Horlick, a fellow feline.

5. He seems to be getting along perfectly well with his new best friend

Despite the lack of ears, Potato can still hear without issues.

6. They're constantly snuggling together

“Potato was a stray cat, so no one knows when he was born or how old he is,” 

7. Just a snugg Potato

They are estimating that he is around 6-years-old, and they have also decided that his adoption date, should be his new birthday.

8. Confused potato

Please enjoy the adorable selection of photos below:

9. Horlick's ears are enough for both of them

All photo credit goes to: no_ear_meow_potato

10. Happy Birthday Potato!
11. Wating for treats
12. Potato always seems quite playful and full of energy
13. Kicking corona's butt
14. Attack position
15. Ying and Yang
16. Such a gorgeous kitty
17. Potato is like any normal kitty

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Written by Joe Kahlo

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