Watch: Pod Of Killer Orcas Free Injured Humpback Whale Stuck In A Net

This is the extraordinary moment when a pod of killer orcas helps to free a humpback whale trapped in a net.

The whole encounter, which took place off Western Australia’s south coast was caught on camera.

The rescue was especially unique as orcas often eat humpback whales, and despite seeming like an easy target for a meal, the orcas saved it instead of eating it.

Gemma Sharp from Whale Watch Western Australia’s told the Mandurah Mail that “It would usually be part of their diet so when we saw the injured humpback and the approaching orca, we were concerned.”

The signs looked ominous for a humpback whale was who tangled in ropes recently off the Western Australian south coast (pictured)

The humpback was approaching certain death after getting tangled in some ropes. Especially as the pod of orcas approached it.

When an orca (pictured left) approached the humpback whale, onlookers thought the whale's days were numbered

The three killer whales named Hookfin, Blade and Matriach Queen, surprised onlookers after freeing the humpback and then seeming to lose interest.

Whale Watchers Western Australia released a statement saying, “Lifting his fluke we could see that this humpback whale was entangled and our hearts sank, (it is) a terrible situation to be in when trying to defend yourself against the ocean apex predators.”

In amazing scenes, one of the orcas managed to free the tangled humpback whale (pictured) to safety

“He rolled and during this process we could see Blade swimming directly underneath his fluke and looking at the rope entanglement… the orcas then charged towards the humpback while he defended himself with pectoral fins and fluke swiping.”

“Matriarch Queen arrived and moved towards the humpback whale which caused a commotion of white water and then something incredible happened – a large chunk of the green rope that was entangling the humpback floated free behind him.”

Those who witnessed the scene were shocked after the orcas had every chance to feast on the injured whale -  but chose not to

The humpback simply swam away into the open ocean after being freed by his orca friends.

What an amazing encounter!

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Written by Joe Kahlo