Firefighter Rescues Cat During Wildfire And Now It Won’t Leave His Side

A purr-fect friendship!

Ryan Coleman, the Engine Captain at Fairview Valley Fire Department in California, made hearts flutter as he shared a video of him with a cat clinging to his body on Facebook.

He rescued the cat near the site of the Paradise wildfire back in 2018.

In the video, he showed that the cat didn’t want to let go of him while he was doing his work in the forest, so he continued with the feline clinging on.

‘Kitty rescue. She just chilled on my neck and shoulders as I’d walk around,’ he captioned the Facebook post.

‘Let’s go for a walk. Where are we going? We’re walking around.’ Ryan says in the sweet video clip.

Both the cat and Ruan seem pretty happy to be cuddled up together.

People were commenting on the video urging the firefighter to take her home, but he still had crucial work to carry out as the devastation of the blaze continued.

‘You obviously have to keep her if nobody claims her, she loves you!’ one wrote.

‘I wish. I’m still out here,’ he responded to another.

‘On scene of the Camp Fire, and starting shift #1. My heart and prayers go out to the more than 2,000 families that lost their homes and all the people that lost loved ones,’ he wrote of the fire on social media.

‘Hoping for the safety of my crew and fellow firefighters. I’m excited to be here helping out, and I’m ready to get started doing what we do!’

Ryan is clearly an animal lover, his social media account boasts pictures of himself with dogs and baby goat too.

Written by Alice Joan