Meet The Spot-Bellied Eagle Owl – The ‘Devil Bird’ With Hearts On Its Feathers (10 Pics)

This majestic owl looks like something from a fairytale 🦉

The spot-bellied eagle-owl, native to the forests of the Indian  Subcontinent and Southeast Asia, has dark, well-defined heart-shaped  patterns on its white breast feathers. : r/Awwducational

Also known as the Forest Eagle Owl (Bubo nipalensis), this is a bird of prey with a formidable appearance.

These owls have dark brown eyes and almost horizontal ear tufts that look like horns.

Spot-bellied Eagle-Owl - eBird

The black markings on the white feathers look like lots of hearts.

These owls can be found in forests in southern and south-eastern Asia.

Spot-bellied Eagle-Owl - eBird

The species is known for its strange call which is said to sound human.

It is known locally in Sri Lanka as Ulama – aka devil bird.

Spot Bellied Eagle Owl | Spot Bellied Eagle Owl (Bubo nipale… | Flickr

They are nocturnal creatures and spend the days hiding amongst trees.

Spot-bellied Eagle-Owl - eBird

The owls become active at dusk, when they hunt small mammals, reptiles, and birds.

This is a very powerful and bold predatory owl, at the top of the bird food chain in its area.

Spot-bellied Eagle-Owl - eBird

There nesting season is from December to March, and they make nests in the hollows of trees.

Spot-bellied Eagle Owl / Bubo nipalensis / นกเค้าใหญ่พันธุ… | Flickr

Though these birds are uncommon, they have been listed as ‘Least Concern’ by Birdlife International.

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Spot Bellied Eagle Owls are found in South Asia, These owls are noted for  their strange, human-sounding call due to which these are also known as  Ulama or "Devil Bird" in Sri

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Written by Alice Joan