Elephant Mom’s Desperate Cries For Help Lead Rescuers To Her Trapped Baby

Elephants are such intelligent beings 🐘

A young elephant, just a few months old, got itself trapped in a concrete hole in Thailand.

Its mother was desperately trying to get it out, but she couldn’t do it all by herself.

The elephant cried for help and managed to catch the attention of a group of humans, who realized that she was trying to communicate something to them.

At one point, the mother came too close to an electric fence which caused her to pass out.

The group of humans rushed to turn the power off and help her. It was at this point they realized the elephant’s intention.

After she awoke again, she lead the rescuers to the place where her precious baby was trapped.

The poor little elephant had been trapped in a hole full of mud for hours, so it was not an easy mission to get her out.

The baby was tired and scared, so the rescue team had to be very careful not to hurt the calf.

With the mother elephant watching, the group finally managed to set the trapped baby free.

The little one mustered up the strength to pull itself out of the hole, and as soon as it spotted its mother it ran straight towards her.

Watch the rescue:

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Written by Alice Joan