Meet the Pompadour Cotinga – The Brid With Beautiful Shades Of Red

The Pompadour Cotinga is unique in its love for the colour red. It is a shimmering combination of burgundy set against pure white wings!

To say that the male is spectacular is an understatement! His head and body are covered in a coat of burgundy plumage which in turn contrasts perfectly with his pure white wings. He also has yellow eyes and grey legs.

Photo Courtesy of Mike Goad / CC BY-SA 4.0

Females are a pale gray colour, from head to toes.

Photo Courtesy of Hector Bottai / CC BY-SA 4.0
Photo Courtesy of Instagram/anselmodaffonseca

These stunning creatures live in the upper parts of the forests in South America.

Photo Courtesy of Picuki/@twosecondsinaminute

The males perform elaborate displays to win a female, while the females raise the young alone.

Photo Courtesy of Picuki/@sergiogregoriophoto

The main diet of this species of fruit

Photo Courtesy of Picuki/ @renepinkbrick

These birds use a vocal Purp to communicate. Males sometimes rattle, a sound not common among birds.

Photo Courtesy of Picuki/@ redpath9

They are successful in the wild and are not endangered.

Photo Courtesy of Picuki/@fundacionphelps

Written by Bari Holland