Meet The Crowned Woodnymph – The Purply-Green Sequined Hummingbird (11 Pics)

This tiny jewel of a bird is like something from the pages of a fairytale 😍

This bird’s iridescent blue and green plumage looks like a cloak made of sequins.

The crowned woodnymph is a member of the hummingbird Trochilidae family.

These bird’s cap, throat, and breast are emerald green while the belly and the rest of its body shine with deep iridescent blue.

The tail is an eye-catching dark blue colour.

Nature really is the best artist ❀

While the males are more striking, the female is duller with grey underparts and green flecks on her sides and belly.

It lives in Belize and Guatemala, all the way down through Central America, into Columbia and Peru.

Crowned woodnymphs diet is mainly made up of nectar from a wide variety of brightly colored, scented, small flowers on trees and shrubs.

After finding a mate in the breeding season, the female forms a nest made from plant fibers, green moss, soft material, and spider webs.

Dryade couronnée. Famille des Trochilidés. Ordre : Apodiformes

What a spectacular bird!

Written by Alice Joan