Top 10 Oldest Cats In The World

No, cats don’t have nine lives, though we, cat lovers, wish they did.

Oldest mix color domestic cat

The average lifespan of a household cat is 13 to 17 years. However, you will find the oldest cat ever living into its late 30s

Some cat breeds have a longer lifespan than others. Of course, you also have to factor in diet, lifestyle, and living conditions.

Tabby old cat with green eyes looking at the camera

A few cats managed to live up to over 30 years, double the average lifespan of domesticated felines.

So, who are the oldest cats in the world? Read on to find out.

10. Tiger the Ginger Tabby 32, United States

Orange tabby cat lifespan. 32 Oldest Tiger lies on a pillow

Tiger shot to fame in July 2019 after learning about him from a Reddit post. The lovable ginger tabby had just celebrated his 31st birthday. Local media named him Illinois’ oldest cat ever. Sadly, he bid goodbye on July 22, 2020, having lived a total of 32 years. According to his owner, Robert Goldstein, Tiger only ate dry cat food and loved to drink out of the bathtub.

9. Rubble the Maine Coon 32, United Kingdom – Ninth oldest cat ever

the Oldest cat to ever live - Rubble the Main Coon looks straight ahead

Rubble was born in May 1988 and passed away on 3 July 2020; he was 32 years and two months old. Rubble spent his last birthday with loads of his favorite cat food and a free checkup from his veterinarian.  According to his owner, Michelle Foster, Rubble became grumpier as he grew older, but he always got along well with his three Persian cat companions.

8. Sasha the Tortoiseshell Cat 33, United Kingdom & Miez Maz 33, Switzerland are tied at eighth

Oldest domestic cat Sasha the Tortoiseshell Cat sitting on the grass

In 1986, Beth O’Neill found a badly injured stray about to be attacked by a Jack Russel terrier and took her to a vet, who estimated the kitten’s age to be around five months. She took the kitten home and named her Sasha. The cat loved to go on outdoor adventures and sun herself in the garden. She died in 2019.

According to reports, Miez Maz escaped from his home and found his way to the local train station, where employees cared for him. In February 2012, however, a local vet mistook him for a stray and put him to sleep.  

7. Plucky Sarah, New Zealand – Seventh oldest cat in the world

Plucky Sarah - oldest house cat from New Zealand. The pet lies on the sofa

Sarah was a nondescript cat born in March 1982.  Her owner Fleur Ford received Sarah from her neighbors in 2002 when they moved away.  The feline was 20 years old then and had some trouble staying warm.  Nevertheless, she was a happy and charming companion.  In September 2015, Sarah was put down after suffering from heart failure.  She was 33 years and six months old.

6. Great Grandma Wad the Wichien Maat, Thailand – sixth oldest cat ever

Grandma Wad  34 years from Thailand with blue eyes - the oldest cat in the world

In 1987, the Wanna family found Grandma Wad as a kitten outside their gate. The family lived on a fruit farm, and Grandma Wad grew up exploring the orchard around the house. Throughout her long life, the Wichien Maat only gave birth to one litter, which consisted of four kittens.  The feisty feline managed to outlive them all.  However, the cat started having difficulty getting around in her old age.  She also lost many of her teeth.  She bid farewell in March 2021 at the ripe old age of 34 years.

5. Granpa Rexs Allen the Sphynx-Devon Rex, United States – Halfway down the list

Granpa Rexs Allen very old cat from United States

Jake Perry adopted Granpa Rexs Allen on 16 January 1970.  It turned out the Sphynx-Devon Rex already had an owner, Madame Sulinaberg, who said the cat got away through the open screen door.  Granpa Rexs ended up staying with Perry, and Madame Sulinaberg has to give him the pedigree certificate, which shows the cat’s birthdate as 1 February 1964.

Granpa Rexs Allen lived a long and happy life, and at some point, received the grandmaster award from the International Cat Association.  He died at the age of 34 years and two months on 1 April 1998.  His secret to a long life? Veggies.  According to the cat’s owner, Granpa Rexs Allen loved his broccoli, which he often ate at breakfast.

4. Ma the Tabby, United Kingdom – Fourth oldest cat ever

Ma from United Kingdom - guinness world record oldest cat

The Guinness Book of World Records listed Ma as the oldest cat in its 1990 edition. Classical musician Alice St George found and rescued Ma as a kitten caught in a gin trap. The tabby barely survived the accident and encountered various health problems all her life. Still, she reached an impressive 34 years and five months. She had to be put to sleep on 5 November 1957. According to her owner, a diet of fresh meat and a caring, relaxed atmosphere contributed to her long life.

3. Puss the Tabby, United Kingdom – Third oldest cat in the world

Not much is known about Puss the tabby. We know, however, that he was born on 28 November 1903 and died on 29 November 1939. He was 36 years old and one day.

2. Baby the Black Domestic Short-Hair, United States – Second oldest cat ever

Domestic shorthair cat lifespan - Baby the Black cat walking down the street

Born in 1970, Baby never left the house until he was 28 years old when his owners took him to the veterinarian for declawing. The black cat was sweet towards his family but aloof around guests, especially children. He often hid behind furniture when people visited.  He died in March 2008 at the age of 38 years.

When asked what contributed to Baby’s long life, his owner, Al Palusky, answered exercise.  The cat had to climb up and down 14 steps whenever he wanted to eat or use the litter box kept in the basement.

1. Creme Puff the Tabby Mix, United States – The oldest cat ever recorded

Creme puff oldest cat ever recorded

The oldest cat ever is the world-famous Creme Puff, born on 3 August 1967 and died on 6 August 2005. That’s an impressive 38 years and three days! This tabby mix was owned by Jake Perry, the same person who adopted Granpa Rexs Allen. According to her owner, she starts her day with a breakfast of bacon, eggs, asparagus, and broccoli. She also loved coffee with heavy cream. On special days, Crème Puff received a drop of red wine to enjoy.

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