Golden Retriever Parents Adorably Watch Over Their 7 Newborn Puppies

There’s nothing quite as exciting as becoming a first-time parent. This definitely rings true with this pair of Golden Retrievers who are celebrating the birth of seven new beautiful puppies!

We all know that golden retrievers are very affectionate dogs, this video shows exactly this with the dad of the year watching over the newborn pups while his lady gets some much-needed rest.

In the cute clip, we can see the undeniable look of love they share while watching the newborn’s sleep.


They’re so proud of their new little family, look at all the love.

Despite their huge first time liter, mom and dad are naturals, caring for the babies without breaking a sweat.

The pups are color-coordinated with different color bandanas tied around their necks to help identify them. You can see their little personalities coming out already.


You can see in the video the puppy with the green color making its way away from the group whereas the one in the pink looks to be making its way inside the group.

The parents watch the babies snuggling and the mom even smiles before the scene fades.

Dads a keeper, see how he stays up to watch the little ones while he lets momma have a nap.

He gently rests his head on hers as she sleeps and its as if he’s comforting her.


The adorable clip went viral!

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Joe Kahlo

Written by Joe Kahlo

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