Brave Man Jumps Into Icy Waters To Save Deer With Bucket Stuck On Its Head

This is the moment a deer found itself helpless swimming in circles in the water with a paint can stuck on its head.

Her chances of surviving were getting less and less, and if the can had filled with water, it would have pulled her down and she would likely have drowned.

Thankfully Frankie Florida of the Strong Island Animal Rescue League was at the scene after receiving a call from a concerned citizen.

As soon as he assessed the situation, he realized he had to act fast. He attempted to swim at first but wasn’t confident to swim all the way to the deer in the ice-cold water.

YouTube/The Dodo

“I saw her[the deer] swimming into circles. I took my boots off and went into the water. It was ice cold, but I knew there is a very delicate situation, so I had to act fast,” Frankie explained to The Dodo.

“If the bucket had filled with water, it would have held her head down and she would have drowned.”

YouTube/The Dodo

Luckily he spotted a boat, he called out to it and the kind man on the boat picked him up from the water, and they started the mission to save the poor deer.

After a few attempts of getting close to the deer and trying to remove the can, they were eventually successful. But this was not the end of it.

The confused deer was still swimming in circles, right in the middle of the water, so Frankie had to come up with a plan.

YouTube/The Dodo

“I laid on the front of the boat and grabbed her and hold her. The deer was very calm. I was able to feel her heartbeat in my hands.”

Thanks to Frankie and the kind man on the boat, the deer has a second chance at life, what heroes!

Check out the full video on the encounter here:

Written by Joe Kahlo

After years of writing in the financial industry, Joe was finally able to focus his writing on what he loves, Animals!