Blind Raccoon Recruits Pair Of Black Cats As His Bodyguards

We can learn a lot from the kindness of animals 🖤

A woman named Eryn noticed that a blind raccoon had become a regular visitor to her back yard, searching for scraps of food as he struggled to find it on his own.

The raccoon also showed fear towards birds, wind, tall grass, and snow.

So, Eryn has fed the animal nearly every morning since 2009.

His usual visiting time is between 6-9am, after which he goes back into the forest to rest and play.

“His eyes shone bright green during the day.”

“He was at least partially blind, walked into things, and was afraid of the wind, high grass, birds, and snow,” Eryn told Paws Planet.

Back in 2014, the raccoon arrived for his daily visit when Eryn noticed he had brought along a pair of black kittens.

It turned out that they were stray kittens, and they too were in need of food.

And so, the raccoon guided them to Eryn’s yard so that they could share his meals.

How sweet!

Initially, Eryn thought that the kitties had followed the raccoon, but it seemed like they were actually protecting the raccoon, like his very own bodyguards!

They came together to visit her every day before running off to the forest.

Sadly, the raccoon passed in 2015, leaving the kittens sad to have lost their best friend.

So Eryn decided to give them their own home and adopt them.

The kindness of the blind raccoon helped these adorable cats find a loving home, where they live happily with another furry sibling, called Squirt.

Watch the video here:

This story is proof that kindness has no limits. We could learn a lot from these creatures!

Mr. Raccoon’s legacy lives on!

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Written by Alice Joan