Woman Sets Up Tiny Feeder Cam to Capture Birds Eating in Her Backyard (25 Pics)

Birds have always been a challenge to study closely because they are so fast and can just fly away when you approach them.

This is what inspired Lisa, aka Ostdrossel, to put a camera in her feeder, which captured some really incredible photos of a variety of species of birds.

What’s special is that the birds have no idea they are being filmed, so they let their personalities out.

From a couple of birds having a shouting match to two doves ‘kissing,’ the camera captures a wide range of fascinating shots.

Most of the birds are just there to have a snack, one of our favorites is a crow who has a mouthful of kernels making it looks like a toothy smile.

Lisa shares on Tumblr how her setup works, “it consists of this camera box, much like a trail camera, that has a macro lens on the top and a regular one on the bottom.”

So inside the box, there is a shelf where the camera is placed, this camera has a motion sensor which can take 10 pictures each second.

Once a bird lands on the box, the motion sensor triggers and the camera starts taking pictures. The camera can take up to 7,000 photos in a day!

“My evening pleasure and routine is to go through all of them, delete the bad ones and keep and slightly edit the ones I deem publishable.”

You can follow Lisa’s work on Instagram and buy a selection of it as photo postcards through Etsy

Written by Joe Kahlo

After years of writing in the financial industry, Joe was finally able to focus his writing on what he loves, Animals!