Wildlife Photographer Gets Mobbed By The Most Adorable Meerkat Family

Nick Kleer, a wildlife photographer and conservationist from South Africa, has encountered lots of magnificent wildlife during his career.

However, he appears to have made a unique connection with a group of charming and amusing meerkats. 

This hilarious interaction has recently gone viral. Here’s the full video:

On the Twitter post where he shared this interaction, he received an especially amusing comment saying:

“When you’re a wildlife photographer, the idea is to blend in with your environment so that you don’t scare off the animals.” 

There’s no doubt that Kreer succeeded in his task, if blending in was the objective that is! 

In the Hilarious video, Kleer is seen lying on the ground with his camera and a meerkat perched atop his head. 

A large group of the fluffy creatures eventually surrounds the stealthy photographer. They appear to be entirely at ease and engage with him as if he were a part of the natural landscape.

They didn’t seem to be put off at all that a human was invading their natural habitat and are even seen using him as high ground to get a better view of what’s around them.

Kleer has already had many encounters with the indigenous South African meerkats. 

The wildlife photographer has shared lots of content with him and his furry meerkat buddies, and it looks like they have built a friendly relationship over their time together.

“As you can tell, I got quite close to these incredible little creatures,” Kleer shared in an Instagram post. 

“An experience that I will not forget and an absolute privilege to get to know these little ones a bit better.” 

In another, he even called them the “cutest creatures on the planet.” It’s likely that he has also persuaded the entire internet if not already.

All thanks to his stunning candid videos of them playing, napping, exploring, and just generally being adorable, check out more of his great work by visiting his Instagram here.

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Written by Joe Kahlo

After years of writing in the financial industry, Joe was finally able to focus his writing on what he loves, Animals!