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Tortoise Loves To Feel Her Shell Scratched, Kind Volunteer Makes Scratching Device (Video)

Did you know that tortoise shells have nerve endings all over them that are sensitive to even the slightest touch?

The tortoise in the video below is from the Badger Run Wildlife Rehab and she loves to get her shell scratched.

So one day, a kind volunteer built her a scratching device, see for yourself:

A lot of us think of tortoise shells kind of like armour, and in a sense they kind of are. But it’s not the traditional armour we are all familiar with.

Tortoises have nerve endings all over their shells which means they can feel the slightest touch.

Because of this, some of them actually love to be scratched, just like the one in the video above, and its adorable!

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Joe Kahlo

Written by Joe Kahlo

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