Rare Black Chicken Is 100% Black On The Inside And Out (10 Pics)

Introducing, the true Ferrari of poultry, the Ayam Cemani chicken.

A rare species of chicken from Indonesia, isn’t it beautiful!


This birds stunning appearance has made it one of the most exotic and mysterious breeds in the world.


Every single part of the bird is black, inside an out, from it’s onyx feet, to its metallic feathers and even to its internal organs.


This is caused by a genetic mutation called fibromelanosis, which means extra melanin seeps into its tissue and it is doesn’t effect the birds overall health.

The Ayam Cemani: "Lamborghini of Poultry" Facts, Care & Egg Color

This happens while the chick is still in the embryo, so they are born completely black resulting in the cutest ever chicks.


in 12th century Japanese folklore, the black chicken was considered a bird for the elite.

Ayam Cemani: Breed Information, Care Guide, Egg Color and More - The Happy  Chicken Coop

Its charcoal-colored blood was believed to be a delicacy of spirits to bring health and power, which made this chicken a good luck charm.


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