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The Adorable One-Eyed Albino Baby Turtle

This baby cyclops turtle has two rare conditions that put together make it profoundly incredible: a one eyed albino turtle.

The first is albinoism, a condition that make the turtle white/pale all over.

The second condition is that it was born with only one eye, giving it an alien like look.

Watch as the two conditions combined make the turtle absolutely adorable.

This one eyed albino turtle is extremely lucky to be born in human care. In the wild albino animals do not survive as much as their more standard peers.

Matters would have been much worse for the turtle with limited eye sight.

Although this beautiful turtle will be given the best care it can, there is very little chance of it surviving until adulthood.

All turtle species are endangered

Though this one eyed albino turtle will fight for its life, pretty soon all turtles across the world will be in the same fight.

All turtle species across are endangered because of human behavior.

Excesses use of beaches, light pollution and single-use plastic use are severely damaging the fragile life of baby turtles as they try to make it to adulthood.

Once they do make it to adulthood, they face the added challenge of climate change on the habitat and food supply.

Where possible we urge all our readers to do what they can to save the turtles, like this brave man did: Man sets all turtles free after he bought them from food market.

Written by Joe Kahlo

After years of writing in the financial industry, Joe was finally able to focus his writing on what he loves, Animals!