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Tender Relationship Between A 500lb Lion And A Miniature Dachshund (Sausage Dog)

This is another one of those unlikely friendship stories that have the power to melt your heart.

Meet Bonedigger, a huge 500 lb male lion who has formed an inseparable bond with Milo, a miniature Dachshund (sausage dog).

Bonedigger, who is disabled, rarely leaves Milos side and the two have been together for the past six years.

The two are so close, they cuddle together all the time

The pair have been totally inseparable over the past six years

Mr Reinke, who reared Bonedigger introduced him to the dachshunds Milo, Bullet and Angel

‘Milo does his best to copy Bonedigger when the lion tries puffing to communicate with other lions in the park’

Bonedigger even shares meals with the pups

Bonedigger was unfortunately born with a metabolic bone disease which meant he was left mildly crippled. This is also special since his keeper, John Reinke also lost both of his legs following a bungee jump accident.

Milo and the two other dachshunds sensed that Bonedigger was disabled, so they sought to protect and comfort him at all times.

Now Bonedigger and his new pack all cuddle, feast and play around together.

‘Milo does his best to copy Bonedigger when the lion tries puffing to communicate with other lions in the park.’ Said Mr Reinke


‘This friendship between an 11-pound wiener dog and a 500-pound lion is the only of it’s kind in the world ever seen.’

Bonedigger who weighs a massive 500lbs dwarfs his unlikely best friend Milo.

But that doesn’t stop Bonedigger from treating Milo like one of his own cubs

Bonedigger was raised together with a tiger called Tony.

Mr Reinke recalls, ‘They used to live with me in the house. I raised them both with bottled formula and raw meat until they grew too big for the house.

‘Bondigger’s like a dog and when he hasn’t seen me for ages he gets all excited and runs up to me.

‘Tony is perfectly healthy but is a bit too playful. When Bonedigger senses that I am losing control of the play, he snarls at Tony and you can tell he is being protective and telling him to stop.’

Bonedigger the lion and Tony the tiger play around together.

Tony is perfectly healthy but a little ‘too playful

Written by Joe Kahlo

After years of writing in the financial industry, Joe was finally able to focus his writing on what he loves, Animals!