Shy Cat Completely Opens Up When He Meets Rescued Kitten

Jazmin Felder heard a subtle meow coming from a tree in her back garden. From that moment, she knew that it was time to add another furry friend to her current feline family.

“I was raised to always take care of what life brought to me,” Jazmine says. “And every time a cat crossed my doorstep, I gave them a home of their own and all of my love.”

Jazmine did not know how long little Buddy, the stray discovered between the branches, had been hiding but he was clearly pleased to see her.

“From the first moment of meeting her, his entire personality changed … they hug and comfort each other.”

Jazmine Felder
Pictured: Buddy

“He was at the very top and he was so happy to see someone he came running down to me. We brought him inside and he was so happy to be there.”

Whilst Buddy seemed happy to be part of the family and have a warm roof over his head, and he shied away from introducing himself to his other feline companions – keeping himself to himself.

Jazmine was convinced Buddy would always be an independent cat until a new addition to the family changed everything.

Half a year after Buddy arrived, a 5-week old kitten named Hannah was abandoned under a neighbouring home, and again Jazmine found love for the little kitten and took her in.

“When we first brought Hannah the kitten home, Buddy instantly came to see her.”

“He has always been reserved and shy, but from the first moment of meeting her his entire personality changed.”

Buddy and Hannah showing affection

After adaptation to each other, Buddy and Hannah were inseparable. It is often that you see them having a cozy cuddle on the kitchen counter – Buddy protecting his new best friend.

“They don’t just show affection while grooming one another, they hug and comfort each other,

“When friends and family visit they all tease how they want a love like Buddy and Hannah.

“I think they cuddle and hug each other because they really do care for one another,” Jazmine added.

Not only has Buddy become confident, but he has even adopted the kindness of Hannah’s temperament too.

Now, all six rescue cats have finally become one big, happy family — and no cat is left out or sleeps alone.

“Seeing the bond they have formed together and seeing how Hannah brings out his happiness melts my heart.”

Jazmine Felder.

Written by Hannah Conway