Shelter Pup Has The Best Reaction When He Sees Family He Thought He’d Lost Forever

Meet Cow, a pup who was found frightened and tied up to a fence outside the Louisiana SPCA earlier this year.

He was found by a member of staff on their way in, so was taken to the shelter to find a new home.


“He was very fearful and would low growl when meeting new people,” said NeNe Lewis from the Louisiana SPCA to The Dodo.

“When he was given treats and people would ‘baby talk’ [to] him, he would stop. Since he was found tied to our fence, it makes his reaction common.”

Cow began to feel more at home at the shelter as time went on, two months after he was admitted to the shelter, the staff had a breakthrough.

They managed to locate the family he had lost.

Apparently, Cow had been stolen from them and for some reason was eventually left tied up at the shelter.

They were understandably over the moon when they found out that Cow had been located.

Cow was a happy doggy at the shelter, but he reached a new level of happiness when he was reunited with his human again, check it out below:

“Cow was so excited to see his family, he was jumping off the walls and his tail was wagging like we’d never seen it before!”

“You could tell from his reaction when he saw his mom that he was reunited with his family!”

Cow leapt into his moms hands as soon as she walked in the door, there was no doubt that he was back with his family.


It was one of those reunions that everyone was happy to be a part of. Cow is now reunited with his family, and is back like he never left!

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Written by Alice Joan