Rescuers Save Bear Stuck In Storm Drain And Find Out He’s Not Alone

A mama bear in Connecticut once got stuck in a storm drain but was saved by good samaritans!

The mama bear cried out for help when she realized she’d gone too far into a storm drain. Her agony call echoed throughout the community.

She wandered too far into the pipes to find her way, but she was going deeper into the drain system. 

Surprisingly, she wasn’t alone. She had two cute cubs with her who were also hoping to be rescued.

At last, she found rescuers, when the rescuers arrived, mama bear was already on high alert. These rescuers took a log and a ladder and lowered them into the storm drain thinking that she would make use of the log to climb up through the opening space. 

Instead, the mama bear was scared and she ran away from the object, sinking deeper into the drain with her cubs.

The rescuers tried to help her the second time, one of them took the ladder and log out of the storm, and placed it gently next to where the mama near had run to.

The mama bear was still afraid but didn’t run this time. She moved to the base of the ladder and stayed there but she protected her cubs with her body and the rescuer saved her and her cubs.

She was filled with joy as she had regained her freedom!

Written by Comfort