Swedish Wildlife Photographer Captures Intimate Photos Of Curious Red Squirrels (21 Pics)

Squirrels are favorite among many of us, it’s always a pleasure seeing one up close.

Often, you will only catch a glance as they dart by in a flash and scurry up a tree or across the ground.

Swedish photographer Johnny Kääpä has spent a lot of his time photographing squirrels up close, by earning there trust.

After years of befriending the local red squirrels, they now curiously approach his camera meaning he can capture them in their true form.

When he started this journey, he needed to use a long camera lens to capture them from far away, but now he’s using shorter lenses to document the critters.

His photos reveal the intimate lives of these red squirrels throughout every season.

The photos also show how inquisitive they truly are, they often come right up to the camera and peer into his lens capturing amazing portraits of their expressive faces.

In one of his particular images titled Super Hero, you can see the squirrel who looks like it just performed a Superman esque landing.

Check out more of Johnny Kääpä’s s amazing work on his Instagram or his Website

This one looks just like a superhero!

Johnny Kääpä: | Instagram | Facebook

Kääpä’s portfolio reveals the intimate lives of squirrels all-year-round.

Written by Joe Kahlo

After years of writing in the financial industry, Joe was finally able to focus his writing on what he loves, Animals!