Parrot With Damaged Beak Gets Second Chance at Life With New Prosthetic Beak

New Prosthetic Beak

Here’s a heartwarming story of an amazing parrot rescue mission. Because a parrots beak is as important to it as hands are for humans. In Brazil, a parrot was found with a severely damaged beak. It goes without saying but a healthy and strong beak is key to a parrots’ quality of life as it plays a major role in eating, climbing, manipulating and crushing objects, and protection.

The incredible parrot was found in “a terrible condition” with its beak all but gone. But got a second chance at life when professionals at the Planura-based Animal Rehabilitation Center called “Renascer ACN” were able to reconstruct an impressive and fully functioning beak so the bird could survive.

The parrot has since recovered and is able to live a normal life again. But due to its prosthesis, it can’t be returned to the wild as there is the risk of it eventually breaking because of the bird’s near-constant use of its beak.

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This parrot was rescued with a severely damaged beak in Brazil

Parrots rely on their beaks in their daily tasks to survive, so the bird’s life was at significant risk

“This parrot was found in a terrible condition and had totally lost its beak. Together with veterinarian Maria Ângela Panelli Marchió, we rescued it as soon as we found out,” Paulo Roberto Martins Nunziata, who founded Renascer ACN 3 years ago to help all types of animals, told Bored Panda.

Paulo Roberto Martins Nunziata and Dr. Maria Ângela Panelli Marchió from Renascer ACN gave this parrot a second chance at life

“Dr. Maria Ângela Panelli Marchió helps animals rescued in critical condition and gives them a chance to survive and return to nature. She specializes in animal orthopedics and rehabilitates injured animals with handmade plastic resin prosthesis.”

They were able to reconstruct a perfect, fully functioning beak prosthesis

After attaching posts in the bird’s stumped beak, the polymethylmethacrylate material was formed into the natural shape of the parrot’s beak and then fused to the metal. The binding is meant to last; polymethylmethacrylate is an extremely durable substance that would “take a chainsaw” to remove from the parrot.

Handmade out of polymethylmethacrylate, this brand new beak would take a chainsaw to remove

“The process is completely handmade. The material used, polymethylmethacrylate, has a quick hardening (three to five minutes) and is so resistant that it would need a chainsaw to be removed.”

The parrot has now recovered and is able to carry on with its normal life

“Today it has a normal life. However, it just can’t be returned to its natural habitat because even though the prosthesis is resistant, there’s a risk of it falling over time, as these animals use their beaks for everything.”

Maria Angela Panelli Marchió and Paulo Roberto Martins Nunziata

All Image credits go to renasceracn

To learn more about how Renascer ACN helps birds and other animals, visit its Instagram or watch on YouTube.

Written by Joe Kahlo

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