Orphaned Squirrel Followed A Pit Bull Home And Now They’re Best Friends

One happy dog adopted an orphaned squirrel and they took a unique shine to each other.

Everly was a loving pit bull who was surprisingly chosen by a baby squirrel to be its adopted Mother.

With Everly being a nurturing dog already, it was without a surprise that she did not hesitate to take the baby squirrel into her care.

However, people should not be shocked as having a loving personality is part of pit bulls natural breed!

While most think of the breed’s reputation for being aggressive animals, they are actually the most loving creatures! Pit bulls are very docile animals by nature. In fact, during the 19th century, pit bulls were often referred to as “nanny dogs” because they were loyal, kind, and patient pets to have around young children.

Everly is by no means short of these wonderful traits – as she’s a dog who loves anything and anyone!

Maybe this baby squirrel could sense Everly’s loving nature and decide to choose her as her adoptive Mum! To which, Everly was over the moon with the choice.

Morgan Joy Groves, Everly’s owner, was not at all shocked at the reaction of Everly to her new adopted child.

Pit bull brought home an orphaned squirrel

The pair had come across the squirrel whilst on a walk, and the baby was entirely on her own.

The squirrel continued to follow them on their walk and eventually ended up following them back home.

Everly was over the moon to take the little fella in, and the squirrel did not hesitate to get close to her. Actually, the squirrel showed no fear in climbing on top of Everly and the pair enjoyed a nap together.

Everly and her foster baby then became inseparable.

Everly was very protective of the small creature, but whilst she was a great foster parent – Everly could not hang onto him forever. Eventually, the baby squirrel had to go to a local wildlife centre, where he would receive the best care in his interests.

Although Everly had to say goodbye to her little friend, she continues her motherly duties by regularly showing lots of love and care to her cat.

Everly is truely the cutest and most caring pit bull you will ever meet!

Written by Hannah Conway