Meet The Stunning White Peacock – One Of The Most Beautiful Birds In The World (10 Pics)

Peacocks are always a sight to behold, especially when males flash their large colorful tails, it’s nothing short of spectacular

One stunning variation of the species is the white peacock, which manages to impress despite the lack of color.

Especially the males, who have trains of about 150 feathers and reach full length in two years meaning their feathers will glisten in the sun while they attempt to attract a female.

These beautiful birds are identical to regular peacocks, except they lack the pigmentation that gives them color.

It is a genetic mutation that causes this called leucism, similar to albinism but since they retain color in their eyes, it isn’t quite as extreme.

Their unique appearance has caused the species to be highly prized in many cultures.

Check out the video of it in all its majesty:

It is extremely rare to see a white adult peacock in the wild, and therefore are being bred in captivity.

Depending on the culture, the white peacock symbolizes different things such as purity, unconditional love, and eternity.

The white peacock won’t survive in the wild for long as the white color ruins their camouflage.

Of course, we need to distinguish the correct way to refer to peacocks, as in this article we are technically talking about male peafowl. It is easier to refer to them as peacocks as this is more generally understood.

These birds were a delicacy in medieval times, they were displayed on plates for guests, although according to a report, the meat is not very tender.

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Written by Joe Kahlo

After years of writing in the financial industry, Joe was finally able to focus his writing on what he loves, Animals!