Meet The Spectacular Seven-Colored Tanager – A Songbird You Will Never Forget (10 Pics)

Meet the seven-colored tanager, the striking turquoise-blue songbird

Measuring just over 5 inches long, and weighing just under 1 ounce, this ‘medium sized’ tanager is rarely seen.

Photo Courtesy of Picuki/@sergio_leal_1

Not much is known about these brightly colored songbirds.

Seven-colored Tanager - eBird

They are found in a very small (and declining) range of mature lowland and humid forests of extreme eastern Brazil.

Photo Courtesy of Picuki/@nailsonjr17

They can also be found in other places like some urban locations, anywhere that has trees with bromeliads for nesting.

Photo Courtesy of EvaldoJr / CC BY-SA 3.0

As with most songbirds, females are identified by their duller, less vibrant plumage.

The seven-colored tanagers diet consists mainly of seeds, berries, and other fruit, as well as the occasional arthropods such as spiders.

Photo Courtesy of Instagram/birds.nature

Found foraging in the forests canopy, urban gardens, parks, the edge of the forest, and more.

Photo Courtesy of Instagram/trioto_photo

The seven-colored tanagers breeding season occurs between the months of October and March.

Photo Courtesy of Instagram/lucy0713

They will construct a nest out of twigs and place it on a large bromeliad usually attached to a tree at a height of around 50 feet.

Photo Courtesy of Instagram/birds_cool_insta

There, they will often lay around 3-4 eggs which are incubated for between 15-17 days before hatching.

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Written by Alice Joan