Meet The Purple-Crowned Fairy-Wren, The Most Faithful Of All The Fairy-Wrens (12 Pics)

The purple crowned fairy-wren is not an easy bird to miss.

With its unique violet-purple crown and perky blue tail grabbing all the attention.

Niki Teunissen

These stunning birds are native to the Kimberley region of West Australia and in the northern wetlands.

Unlike a lot of other wrens, the purple crowned fairy-wren is very faithful.

This could be due to their linear habitat meaning there are fewer neighbors to cheat with.

The male of the species display a striking plumage when it comes to breeding season, sporting the iconic purple heads and bright blue tails.

The females sport a slightly duller light brown plumage but still have a beautiful blue tail.

These wrens also display a unique type of social behavior too.

Along with some ‘helpers,’ the breeding pair raise their young all together and help protect them from predators.

These wrens are ‘calculated accountants,’ as they will only help young wrens if it is likely they will return the favour, or adults if there is a chance they will breed with them in the future.

They choose to breed when rainfall occurs, this is because there is usually an abundance of food (insects) which equals a higher breeding success rate as they will always be fed.

They will typically lay 2-3 eggs in their dome-shaped nest during the breeding season.

They like to feed mainly on insects and sometimes seeds. They will eat all types of small invertebrates and are not very picky!

It seems that high temperatures can reduce the lifespan and fitness of young chicks growing up since it damaged their DNA.

Since climate change means rising temperatures, this is having an effect on their health.

These stunning birds are currently listed as endangered due to human actions such as the grazing of livestock, habitat fires and more.

Written by Joe Kahlo

After years of writing in the financial industry, Joe was finally able to focus his writing on what he loves, Animals!