Meet The Finnish Cats Who Absolutely Love Life In The Winter (15 Pics)

Chonky cats are a fan favorite, they are adorable little balls of fluff that we can’t help but hug

These four cats we present below live in Northern Finland and are the cutest balls of floor ever!

Photos sweet enough to brighten up your day, here we present you 15 of our favorite showcasing these floofballs

The floofy cats are named Sämpy, Hiskias Hääppönen, Elmeri, and Nelli and live with their human Riikka Hedman.

“Sämpy is a 6-year-old domestic cat and isn’t a special breed, although he looks like a Norwegian Forest cat. Elmeri, the gray cat, is 11 and he is also a domestic cat,” Riikka told Bored Panda.

“Hiski, the biggest tabby without white paws, is a half-Norwegian Forest cat and is 2 years old. They all are neutered male cats. On my sites, there are also pictures of a gray-white cat, Nelli, but she passed away earlier this year.”

“He (Sämpy) is so happy when he goes with me on a small trip to the old forest near our house. There is a small river there, as well as many other exciting places, and interesting scents.”

“Elmeri and Hiski prefers to stay in the yard, at home, but sometimes they come along for a walk. My cats jump over obstacles I build in the back yard for them, especially in the winter. It is easier to demarcate the jumping area when there is a lot of snow.”

In 2014, Riikka won a photography competition in Finland, she explains “I was practicing shooting with my new camera and got a great jump shot of Sämpy. I sent the picture to a local newspaper and it became so popular that a journalist was sent to make an article about the cat.”

“When the article came out I got a lot of wishes that the cat would have his own Facebook page. After Facebook, I created an Instagram account for Sämpy.”

“I think that in a good cat picture the cat needs to be natural and do its own cat things.”

“She has even published two books about Sämpy! “It’s not that easy to pick pictures for a book, but luckily there are professionals at the publishing house. I also wrote some text, but the books are mostly picture books.”

“In the captions, I use the local dialect, which has also been a much lauded. I do not have any specific plans for the future, but proposals are certainly welcome.”

“If anyone wants to make Sämpy a character in an animated movie, a wallpaper, or a key chain, it is all fine, as long the cat doesn’t have to leave his home himself. Sämpy hates travelling.”

To check out more of Riikka’s work, or to follow the life of Sämpy and his siblings, check out the Instagram, Facebook pages

Written by Joe Kahlo

After years of writing in the financial industry, Joe was finally able to focus his writing on what he loves, Animals!