Labrador Dad Teaches His Adorable Puppies How To Swim In Lake

This is the moment a daddy Labrador teaches his children how to swim in a pond. (Full video below).

Initially, the puppies look fearful of the water, it represents a new challenge, new terrain for them.

But they see their dad lead the way into the water, and they all quickly follow suit and jump in after him.

Labradors in particular are water lovers and in turn great swimmers. They have been swimming for centuries, used by fishermen to retrieve fish and ducks.

After swimming around a little bit, they all return to dry land to play around and goof about with their dad.

Labradors love the water and can easily get carried away and spend a lot of their time swimming.

Labs also have webbed toes which helps them swim faster and more comfortably than most other dog breeds, no wonder they were a fishermen’s favorite!

Check out the full video below of the labradors swimming lesson:

Labs are known for being patient and caring dogs, this makes them a popular family pet.

None of this is a surprise, especially after watching the way this dad interacts with his pups.

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Written by Joe Kahlo