Meet Smoothie, Regularly Dubbed As ‘The World’s Most Photogenic Cat’

The purr-fect cat doesn’t exi-

Smoothie the Cat Courtesy Smoothie the Cat/Instagram

Smoothie has been dubbed ‘the world’s most photogenic cat’.

A petite British Longhair, this queen of the catwalk is living her best life in the Netherlands.

Her owner, Arvid van Boekel, revealed the meaning behind her name in an interview with

“We had a long list of names but I wanted an original, cute name,” van Boekel said. “Smoothies are sweet and she’s quite smooth as well.”

A seasoned cat-fluencer, she originally rose to Instagram fame in 2016.

“She got reposted a lot! People seemed to really like her. Also, at some point, one of her pictures became a meme that appeared all over the Internet.”

Smoothie loves to pose for the camera

Those eyes…

Being this cute is hard work!

Written by Alice Joan