Hero Husky Discovers Abandoned Baby Crying All Alone In A Park

A sweet husky called Hel is being hailed as a gift from heaven after he helped in saving a newborn baby boy who had been left in a park in the UK.

Hel’s owner Terry Walsh was walking the husky last week when it came across a stack of blankets hidden behind a shrub in Birmingham.

“Suddenly I heard this baby cry,” Walsh, 64, told Birmingham Live. “I think it was Hel’s gentle nudging and the heat from my husky’s body that woke the baby up.”

According to a West Midlands Police press release, the infant boy was found wrapped in a blanket and was probably only a few hours old.

He was quickly sent to the hospital, where staff members report that he is doing well.

Since he was discovered the day before St. George’s Day, he is known as George, according to authorities.

“I thank the Lord that the baby was alive, that could’ve been a lot worse,” Walsh told Birmingham Live. “The baby could’ve been dead. I said to my neighbors, heaven sent Hel to rescue [a] newborn baby boy!”

Finding George’s mother is the police’s main concern, and on Thursday, they published many images of the infant in the hopes that doing so would aid in their search.

“I am reaching out to George’s mother. You are my primary concern right now, and we really need to make sure you’re okay.” 

“I don’t know the circumstances around George’s birth, but, as a parent myself, I know exactly how overwhelming becoming a parent can be,” Detective Inspector Neil Hunt said in a statement. 

“We’re ready to offer you any help and support you may need. George is safe and well, and your health and wellbeing is our priority – please be assured that you are not in any trouble.”

Prior to George’s discovery, a lady was seen on surveillance video walking close to the location. Police have asked the public for assistance in identifying the woman.

For Walsh, he is at least happy that Hel is a sweet, friendly dog.

“A bigger dog or another dog with a different temperament might well have just ripped and tugged at the blanket and the baby could have been treated like a rag doll and then you’ve also got the foxes and the rats and everything in there,” he told Birmingham Live. “How would they treat a baby?”

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Written by Joe Kahlo

After years of writing in the financial industry, Joe was finally able to focus his writing on what he loves, Animals!