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Golden Retriever ‘Cries’ as he Holds Tragic Note Begging Thieves to Return Friend

A devastated golden retriever has left viewers in tears after he was filmed holding a sign begging for evil thieves to return his best friend.

Maomao would often spend his playtime with his neighbour’s dog, Doudou, also a golden retriever.

The two lovely dogs became inseparable until Doudou got snatched by a man on the street last month.

In a bid to search for the missing dog, Mr Shao yesterday posted a clip of Maomao holding a note asking park-goers to bring Doudou back home and it went viral online.

Maomao held a note to urge park goers looking for his missing pal Doudou
Maomao held a note to beg park goers to look for his missing pal Doudou (Image: Douyin/291832511)

Heartbreaking footage shows park-goers stopping to read the note, when they see Maomao “crying”.

The pooch seems to realise that Doudou went missing and refuses to leave the park.

He even lies on the ground where they used to hang out as tears roll down his face.

Mr Shao also shared an excerpt of the CCTV showing the moment a dog thief took Doudou away while driving a tricycle truck on December 23.

A CCTV clip captured the dog thief fleeing the scene on a tricycle truck
A CCTV clip captured the dog thief fleeing the scene on a tricycle truck (Image: Douyin/291832511)

He told New Beijing Post in an interview: “I was hoping Maomao could draw people’s attention to read the note and maybe, help searching for Doudou.

“We have been to a lot of places – wet markets, slaughter houses and dog markets – and gave out as many flyers as we could.

“But we have no luck so far. Me and my neighbour knew the chance of finding Doudou is slim but we are not giving up.

“Maomao is waiting to reunite with Doudou.”

The dog seen crying as he holds the note
The dog seen crying as he holds the note (Image: Douyin/291832511)

One suggested: “The CCTV footage should help locating the dog thief, you could try search for other nearby cameras.”

Another wrote: “Maomao please don’t cry, he definitely loves his buddy!”

“I know how this feels,” a third said. “My dog went missing for two years. I cried every time I think of him.”

Written by Joe Kahlo

After years of writing in the financial industry, Joe was finally able to focus his writing on what he loves, Animals!