‘Extinct’ Clouded Leopard Spotted For The First Time In Nearly 40 Years

The beautiful Formosan clouded leopard was declared extinct in 2013 after no sightings were declared since 1983.

Extinct Clouded Leopard Sighting

The leopard was spotted in Taiwan and it provides hopeful news to animal lovers who once feared the worst for the species.

These elusive big cats are difficult to trap, but a group of rangers has patrolled the area for years hoping to spot the cat.

Extinct' Formosan clouded leopard spotted in E. Taiwan | Taiwan News |  2019-02-23 15:40:00

They were especially on alert after they heard anecdotal sightings of the leopard.

The Formosan clouded leopard is a subspecies of the clouded leopard which is listed as vulnerable since 2008 on the IUCN list.

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Known for its outstanding beauty and its grey-ish markings, the leopard exclusively lives in Taiwan.

Considered sacred by the Paiwan tribe in the local area, they urged the government to stop logging to allow the leopard to come out of hiding.

Can Taiwan's Formosan clouded leopard claw its way back from extinction? |  South China Morning Post

The local tribe is also working with authorities to prevent poachers and hunters from hurting the rare animal.

The Formosan clouded leopard has for a long time been a beautiful mystery.

Formosan clouded leopard

There are historical records going all the way back to the 13th century documenting indigenous people bringing pelts to the port cities to trade.

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Written by Joe Kahlo

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