Dying Dog Carried Down The Aisle By His Momma On Her Wedding Day

Charlie, a sweet black Labrador lived just long enough to walk his human down the aisle on her special day.

Charlie was 15 years old and had been battling with a brain tumor for months. His disease drained his health, and he was very weak. Despite his poor health, he couldn’t miss his mom’s wedding day, as it meant the world to her to have him by her side.

Charlie’s human momma is Kelly O’Connell of Denver, Colorado. She’s a veterinarian as well as her husband-to-be. When she tied the knot with the love of her life, James Garvin, it meant everything to her to have her pup beside her. The pup shared the special moment with his human despite his poor health.

Charlie attempted walking down the aisle with her sister, the maid of honor. But the distance was more than he could walk, so Katie, whose height was just 5’3, picked up the 80-pound pup and carried him to the altar, placing him right next to Kelly.

“Both of us just dropped to our knees and started crying,” the bride told ABC News. “To see him be carried a few feet, it kind of solidified for me that it’s not the Charlie he liked to be. He was aging, and it hit me knowing that he lost a lot.”

“He was a very sweet dog. He loved everybody, but I was definitely his person,” she told in the story. O’Connell’s special day was probably their last memory together. Charlie lost his battle a few days later and breathed his last.

Jen Dziuvenis, the bride’s friend and photographer said on Facebook, “When your beloved dog who is at the end of his life can’t make it back up the aisle and your sister scoops him up and carries him …. THAT is love,”. “There isn’t enough mascara in the world for these moments. Dog people are the best people.”

Written by Sundus