Dramatic Horse Pretends To Be Dead Every Time People Try To Ride Him

This dramatic horse is a very good actor, whenever someone tries to ride him, he plays dead and drops to the floor.

It seems he has greater ambitions than being a mere steed. He doesn’t appreciate being ridden by others as most do.

Instead, it goes out of its way to avoid this, Jingang the horse pretends to be ‘dead’ in a very theatrical way.

Jingang has got so good at acting that he can even loosen his tongue and put his hooves in weird positions to make it look like he can go on no longer.

He’s silly, hilarious and helps prove that some animals would rather laze about than earn their carrots.

Not all horses enjoy hard work…

Image credits: Frasisco Zalasar

More than 90,000 people liked Frasisco Zalasar’s compilation video showing the horse avoiding its ‘chores’ by dramatically ‘dying.’

The viral video was also shared a massive 630,000 times.

Jingang the horse pretends to ‘die’ in a dramatic way

Image credits: Frasisco Zalasar

His owners say it happens whenever people get onto the saddle.

A man at the ranch who is trying to teach Jingang how to take people for rides around the Korean countryside said that it was ‘cute but naughty.’

‘He’s not lazy, he’s smart. Why carry such a heavy load when you can get away with it.

The horse does this because it doesn’t like being ridden

Image credits: Frasisco Zalasar

Did you know that horses can run within several hours of being born.

Jingang enjoys ‘horsing around’

Image credits: Frasisco Zalasar

When you see a horse ‘laughing,’ its actually doing a nose-enhancing technique, which helps understand whether a smell is good or bad.

But it sure doesn’t like hard work

Image credits: Frasisco Zalasar

Furthermore, horses aren’t colorblind like people used to believe a long time ago; however, they see purples and violets better than greens and yellows.

It really is ‘cute but naughty’

Image credits: Frasisco Zalasar

And if you’re ever in doubt whether a steed is male or female, look the gift horse in the mouth: if it has 40 teeth it’s male, and if it has 36 teeth it’s female.

Watch the full video here

Written by Joe Kahlo

After years of writing in the financial industry, Joe was finally able to focus his writing on what he loves, Animals!