Dog’s Favorite Toy Gets Discontinued, So Store Send Him A Whole Box Full Of Them

Marley fell in love with his favorite strawberry toy from the moment he first set his eyes on it while out shopping with his human momma

dog toy

He made it clear to mom Hayley Martin that he wanted it, he needed it, and it became his favorite toy of all time from that moment on.

It meant so much to him, and he was totally inseparable from it for over a year until it, unfortunately, became a little worn.

dog toy

“Its last legs was when it got soaked and covered in mud and washing it couldn’t save it,” Martin told The Dodo. 

So as a good, kind mother, Martin began looking around for a replacement, only to find out that the toy had been discontinued.

Martin continued looking, she was desperate to show Marley her appreciation for helping her out every day as a trained autism service dog.

So she took her search online and asked around to see if anyone could help her find the strawberry toy.

dog toy

Her post somehow reached a manager from the store that Martin bought the first strawberry toy from, and she reached out.

She told Martin she would send her two strawberry toys for Marley, and she was ecstatic and the news, but when the package arrived, it wasn’t what she expected…

dog toy

She found 20 strawberry toys inside! She couldn’t believe it, and neither could Marley!

dog toy

“Marley was shocked. He didn’t know what to do! He was so gentle about it all but was so excited!”

“He spent an hour going through them all giving each of them a nudge so they would squeak!”

dog toy

Marley was over the moon with all her toys, and now she will never be without!

Martin was so happy that she could give back to Marley, who does so much for her every single day.

We love you Marley!

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Written by Joe Kahlo