Couple Rescue 500+ Animals After Quitting Jobs And Starting Animal Sanctuary With No Money

For its beautiful and scenic attractions, the Canary Islands in Spain entertains tourists throughout the year.

But there is a part of the Islands that is rarely spoken about. Sadly, abandoned animals are seen almost everywhere on the islands. 

This situation inspired a power couple to create an animal sanctuary, which they located on the island of Tenerife.

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In a post by @tenerifehorserescue on Tiktok, the partners share their amazing 4-year journey and progress. The awesome couple explained that setting up the animal sanctuary was difficult as they had a dream to follow but no financial help. 

However, four years down the line, they are grateful for not listening to naysayers and are amazed by what they have created so far.

This is definitely one post you need to see today! 

Through the four years, the couple and their sanctuary have saved over 500 abandoned animals. Some animals in the sanctuary include horses, turtles, pigs, dogs, chickens, and many more.

As expected, the splendid Tiktok post attracted a lot of comments. @miathurman80 was deeply moved and wrote, “It’s people like you that help keep my hope intact.” @user41413342458 was pleasantly surprised and added, “Wonderful story. Well done to you.”

Also, in the comment section, @llayvisser, noticing the recycled materials, wrote, “It actually gives off a good and cozy vibe with all that recycled stuff.” @user7315421007517 added to the good advice in the previous comments by saying, “You can do anything when you put your heart into it. Amazing job 👍🏼👍🏼.”

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