Pet Cat Starts To ‘Cry’ Into Security Camera After Being Left At Home Alone

We all know that cats can be drama queens

A pet cat has gone viral after appearing to cry in despair looking directly into a security camera after being left home alone while his owners were on holiday.

The two-year-old adorable British Shorthair called Fu Fu, was caught on camera tearing up after hearing his owner calling his name through the home monitor.

Ms Meng said she called his name via a surveillance app on her phone and asked if Fu Fu missed her when she saw the ‘heart-breaking’ scene.

Footage shows Fu Fu the cat staring into the security camera with tears in his eyes

“I felt heartbroken when I saw this”

The clip was filmed after Ms Meng had gone to visit her parents in a nearby town to celebrate the Lunar New Year. She decided not to bring Fu Fu for fear that he wouldn’t get used to her parents home.

Apparently, the performance was so devastating that Ms Meng even cut her trip short to return to her beloved pet.

The 17-second video, which has received more than 8million ‘likes’, propelled Fu Fu into social media stardom, leading him to be known as the ‘left-behind cat’.

She described Fu Fu as shy and clingy, adding that the pet loves spending time with her.

Ms Meng did make sure to arrange enough food and water for Fu Fu before her trip and watched the surveillance regularly to ensure the welfare of her beloved pet.

After realising that the voice he heard actually came from the monitor, Fu Fu turns back to play with the camera. The trending video shows Fu Fu purring with tears in his eyes after Ms Meng called his name ‘Fu Fu’ through the monitor.

Ms Meng can be heard saying in the clip ‘do you miss me’ and ‘I will come back in a few days.’ ‘I felt heartbroken when I saw this,’ Ms Meng confessed. She said that she eventually cut her trip short to return home to Fu Fu.

‘I had planned to stay at my parents’ home for a week, but we all returned to Xuzhou early,’ she noted.

A follow-up video was also shared by Ms Meng when she returned home. It shows Fu Fu dashing towards her very excitedly when she walked through the door.

Another video shows Fu Fu dashing towards Ms Meng excitedly after she finally got home

Written by Joe Kahlo

After years of writing in the financial industry, Joe was finally able to focus his writing on what he loves, Animals!