Bear Caged For 9 Years Jumps For Joy When Seeing Water For First Time

This adorable bear jumped for joy when he was finally freed from years in captivity. He couldn’t contain his excitement when he swam for the very first time!

Tuffy, who is a moon bear, had a difficult life. He was forced to spend most of his 9-year life in tiny cages.

Thankfully, that came to an end when some kind-hearted people went above and beyond to free him.

Thanks to Animals Asia, a Hong Kong-based charity group, Tuffy has a second chance at life.

The rescuers took Tuffy to a sanctuary in Vietnam. He looked so relieved to be free!

After some care and attention from the volunteers at the sanctuary, Tuffy was introduced to his new home.

The bear had not experienced splashing around in water ever before the rescuers arranged it for him.

“Coming from years of little or no water, for Tuffy this must feel like a true oasis after being parched and in pain for so long,” Louise Ellis at the Animals Asia wrote on the charity’s website.

It was a beautiful moment to see Tuffy in the water for the first time. You can see the happiness on his face:

Animal Asia has rescued nearly 600 bears since the foundation was set up in 1998, and has two sanctuaries – one in Vietnam and one in China.

Written by Alice Joan