Shy Cat Comes Alive To Play When Window Cleaners Visit Every Month

Meet Guinness, a two-year-old kitty who is often quiet yet comes alive every ten weeks when the window cleaners come to work on his apartment.

Since he was a kitten, his human Rina Takei, 35, has videoed Guinness having fun by swaying back and forth in time with the workers on each of their visits.

Rina said: “The window cleaners come about every ten weeks and Guinness can always detect their coming and will patiently sit by the window looking and waiting. 

Guinness is shy almost all of the time, but when the cleaners show up, he springs into life.

“Guinness is a very shy boy, he doesn’t seem to like tall men and if they come into our house he will run away and hide.

Takei and her husband had no clue how much their London window cleaners would become a part of their lives when they relocated to London three years ago for business.

Guinness may not care about the view of the famous MI6 building across the Thames, but he sure does appreciate the individuals who ensure that it is in clear view. 

Guinness shares the apartment and the spotlight with his younger and often more energetic companion Pimms.

“My other cat, Pimms, is a very naughty and friendly ginger and is not even a year old yet,” said Rina

“Guinness is a bit of a spoilt child with a very gentle temperament and is a little shy boy until the window cleaners come.

“His behaviour is very interesting, I must admit”

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Written by Joe Kahlo

After years of writing in the financial industry, Joe was finally able to focus his writing on what he loves, Animals!